Our Prices

Prices are effective February 5, 2015 and are subject to change without notice. Please call 913-631-7314 with questions.  Payment is due at time of arrangements (or by credit card over the phone for vet/home pickup).


Private Cremation 

0 – 150 pounds                    $140.00

151 – 250 pounds                $175.00

(Observed Private Cremation is an additional $100 fee; must be scheduled in advance)


Communal Cremation

0 – 150 pounds                     $45.00

151 – 250 pounds                 $80.00


                                 Removal Services **

From Vet’s Office (non-holidays)

M-F, within 10 miles                            No Charge

M-F, over 10 miles                              $3 per each mile over 10 (one way fee)

From Home

Within the Kansas City area, during business hours daily:                    $150


** You may also bring your pet to us.  Please call to set up an arrangement meeting.


Clay Paw Print (you bake at home; decorating by pet owner)     –       $20 plus tax

Ink Paw Prints (2-3 on heavy paper)    –     $5 fee

Urns (see our online catalog)